Classic albums. On vinyl. On the best sound system in Colchester (probably!).

The Vinyl Sessions is a collectively run event at Colchester Arts Centre celebrating music and the medium of vinyl. Each month a ‘Classic Album’ is presented and listened to, all the way through, always on vinyl, with a relaxed discussion taking place afterwards. Tell us your stories or just listen – everyone’s welcome!

We then have ‘Barry’s Magnificent 7s’ where we encourage anyone attending to bring along a 7″ record and share it with the group, our collective member Barry will give it a spin. It might be another classic, a new release, or an undiscovered gem. We’ve got broad tastes, and pretty much anything goes!

If you would like to host an album that you consider a classic and you have it on vinyl, submit your choice.

All Vinyl Sessions are held at Colchester Arts Centre. Doors at 12pm. Playback starts at 12.30pm. Admission £3. The bar’s open throughout and we’re selling veggie chilli for just £3 a bowl.

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