The Who: Quadrophenia (1973)

We finished off 2015 season one with The Who’s concept album and their second rock opera (after TommyQuadrophenia. Many people have seen the classic Phil Daniels film Quadrophenia, and most might assume The Who’s album is a companion piece to that film. In actual fact, Quadrophenia was released some 6 years earlier in October 1973. 

The story is based on Jimmy, a teenager, who was part of the mod sub-culture in the early 1960s. Jimmy struggles to understand how he fits in, his desires, and his love for a girl. The album is based on Jimmy’s reminiscing thoughts as he sits on a rock surrounded by sea, contemplating his complicated personality.

The group had to build their own studio to do the album justice, with extensive field recordings and studio trickery used to create a sonically rich and conceptually dense LP.

Barry’s Magnificent 7s:

Info on the 7″ records played to follow soon…

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