Future Sound of London: Dead Cities (1996)

Another first in the form of a pre-recorded introduction!

Colchester Arts Centre Event Page

Amorphous Androgynus 'The Isness' (2002)

Like this? Try this:

Amorphous Androgynus ‘The Isness’ (2002).

A surprising next step for the group. A spiritual and uplifting ‘yang’ to Dead Cities ‘yin’


Barry’s Magnificent 7s:

We started with about 20 seconds of The Exploited ‘Dead Cities’ single which was the sample at the reprise on side 4 of the FSOL ‘Dead Cities’. Only played 20 seconds just to give people an insight into where the sample came from. It wasn’t appreciated.


Cream - White Room Jack Bruce tributeFinally, “White Room” by Cream (Polydor 56300 1968) was played in tribute to Jack Bruce who died at the weekend. 24th May 1943 – 25th October 2014.



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